Abdominal Retraction Pad Used in Orthognathic Surgery: A Novel Technique for Nasotracheal Tube Stabilization During Le Fort I Osteotomy

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Many types of surgical osteotomies of the cranio-facial skeleton relay on adequate surgical field preparation. Placement and stabilization of nasotracheal tube during orthognathic surgery is very important. In most cases, long-lasting surgery includes various surgical maneuvers around patient's skull, which depend on accurate nasotracheal tube stabilization. Usage of adhesive plasters for heavy anesthetic tube connector placement and stability might result in tube instability and local disfigurement of nasal projection and visibility in the nasal and infraorbital areas. We present a novel technique for nasotracheal tube stabilization allowing each surgeon controlling tube position, visual evaluation of nasal projection, and its tip during various surgical movements of maxillary bone, such as extrusion, intrusion, rotation or others, during Le Fort I osteotomy. Despite additional time necessary for preparation of surgical field, attachment of the tube and suturing, presented method allows achieving very satisfactory final outcomes with visible access to key nasal structures important in Le Fort I osteotomy. Presented method could be also used in any other facial surgery procedure.

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