Le Fort I Disassembly for the Management of Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma Extending To the Skull Base

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Ossifying fibroma is a rare benign osteogenic neoplasm arising from undifferentiated cells of the periodontal ligament. Ossifying fibroma have a well-defined border that differentiates it from fibrous dysplasia clinically; these tumors manifest as a round or ovoid, expansile, painless, slow-growing mass may displace the roots of adjacent teeth and also cause root resorption. A variety of approaches for resection of the maxilla have been described. Most involve the use of facial and lip-splitting incisions to gain wide access. Surgical approach specifically to the ossifying fibroma located in the midface includes the Le Fort I approach, Caldwell–Luc access, lateral rhinotomy with medial or total maxillectomy, external ethmoidectomy, and endoscopic surgery. The access through Le Fort I disassembly is a versatile approach not only because of the aesthetic potential in using intraoral incision but also due to its minimal invasiveness, lesser complications and gives the possibility of reconstruction in a single operation. Le Fort I disassembly followed by an excision appears to be a versatile, secure, and satisfactory option.

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