Foreign Body in the Nasal Septum: Lyodura Extrusion

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In otorhinolaryngologic fields, Lyodura had been used mainly in otological procedures, such as tympanoplasty, myringoplasty, and mastoidectomy. However, so far in rhinologic area, there is only 1 report that Lyodura was used for closure of cerebrospinal fluid leaks. This report describes a 54-year-old woman presented with recurrent purulent discharge for 4-month duration because of Lyodura extrusion from the septum. On the basis of authors’ experience, the authors highlight that the complete removal of exposed Lyodura from the nasal septum may be difficult because of adhesion to the surrounding septal mucosal flap. So, the authors suggest unilaterally wide mucosal incision using mucosal defect site may be necessary for completely removing Lyodura.

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