Sensitive and Motor Neuroanastomosis After Facial Trauma

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Facial nerve has great functional and aesthetic importance to the face, and damage to its structure can lead to major complications. This article reports a clinical case of neuroanastomosis of the facial nerve after facial trauma, describing surgical procedure and postoperative follow-up. A trauma patient with extensive injury cut in right mandibular body causing neurotmesis of the VIIth cranial nerve and mandibular angle fracture right side was treated. During surgical exploration, the nerve segments were identified and a neuroanastomosis was performed using nylon 10-0, after reduction and internal fixation of the mandibular fracture. Postoperatively, an 8-month follow-up showed good evolution and preservation of motor function of the muscles of facial mime, highlighting the success of the surgical treatment. Nerve damage because of facial trauma can be a surgical treatment challenge, but when properly conducted can functionally restore the damaged nerve.

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