Nasal Dorsum Reconstruction With Alloplastic Material

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The secondary nasal surgery represents a challenging surgical procedure. The difficulties in fact are several: the surgeon must make an effort to achieve the functional and aesthetic consequences of the previous surgical procedure, has to correct the aesthetic and functional imperfections, and has to work on a fibrotic and altered framework.

The goal of the secondary nasal surgery is then to restore the normal nasal proportions correcting any functional inability unresolved by the previous surgery or determined by it.

The aim of our study is to present our experience in dorsum reconstruction using Medpor. It became necessary as a result of previous surgery procedures responsible for an important sagittal projection deficiency.

In the past the autologous grafts were used to restore the correct anatomical relationships.

With the improvement in the surgical procedure, the alloplastic implants become of a wider use. Among these, Medpor represents the first choice because of its own intrinsic characteristics.

Between 2004 and 2014, 18 patients underwent nasal dorsum reconstruction procedure using Medpor. Medpor was used to reconstruct the nasal dorsum and to augment the columella, supporting the nasal tip.

The 18 patients treated by Medpor reported an aesthetic and functional improvement.

Medpor represents a safe method in the secondary rhinoplasty to restore the nose anatomy and functionality and to achieve good aesthetic results.

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