New Techniques in Relation to New Concepts of the Aesthetic of the Face: Technical Considerations and Aesthetic Evaluation

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Aesthetic of the face is greatly changed in relation to common standards of the past. Modern concepts of beauty from popular models of beautiful faces to actors show a biprotrusive asset with high tension for soft tissues. Facial symmetry has been proposed as a marker of developmental stability that may be important in human mate choice. Any deviation from perfect symmetry can be considered a reflection of imperfect development. The goal of maxillofacial surgery should be to give the best results for both aesthetic and functional aspects. Following these new concepts of aesthetic of the face, new surgical procedure by osteodistraction techniques will lead to a very natural final result by harmonizing the face. The aim of this study was to detect aesthetic results on 10 patients operated for skeletal discrepancies by maxillary distraction and jaw repositioning compared with other 10 patients operated by conventional techniques on a 5-point scale by Likert.

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