Zygomatic Implant Subjected to Immediate Loading for Atrophic Maxilla Rehabilitation

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As life expectancy increases, a larger number of elderly people require dental health care attention for implant-supported rehabilitation, with the aim of restoring the function and aesthetics of the oral cavity. Most of these patients have lost their teeth long time ago, causing a severe bone resorption and maxillary sinus pneumatization. Therefore, the current study aims to demonstrate, through the description of the clinical case, the treatment with zygomatic implants as an option for treating severely atrophic maxillas. In this clinical study, the patient presented, in the clinical and image evaluation, severe alveolar bone atrophy, with height and thickness loss, in addition to a high-level pneumatization of the maxillary sinus, bilaterally. The classical zygomatic fixation technique was suggested, with 2 anterior conventional implants and 2 zygomatic implants in the posterior region with the placement of implant-supported prosthesis with immediate loading. The patient was monitored for 7 years and did not present pain complaints, absence of infection, or implant loss. Based on this clinical case study, it was concluded that the zygomatic implants are satisfactory options to aid the implant-supported rehabilitation of atrophic maxillas.

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