Mental Foramen Relation to Mandibular Fracture

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To detect site of the mental nerve foramen in patients of mandibular fracture and study its relation to mandibular fracture site using radiology and operative findings during open reduction and internal fixation.

Patients and Methods:

This study was carried out on 46 patients who had traumatic mandibular fractures. All patients were managed by open reduction and internal fixation during which mental foramen site and fracture site were reported and analyzed and compared to preoperative radiography.


By both radiology and operative findings, the mental foramen was found in 78.3% between the first and second premolar, and in 21.7% below the first premolar. While no other mental foramen sites were reported. There were no statistically significant differences between both detected sites as regard age and sex. By operative dissection, mental foramen and neurovascular bundle could be detected, dissected, and preserved in all patients.


To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is the first operative and radiological work that highlights the site and relation of mental foramen site to mandibular fracture in Arab people. The authors’ study provides useful data of mental foramen among Arab population for the surgeons, anesthetists, and dentists to carry out procedures without complications.

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