Porous Polyethylene Implant as Aesthetic Complement in Orthognathic Surgery

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Porous polyethylene implants have been used as an alternative in the treatment of patients with zygomatic and paranasal projections deficiency. These implants promote a facial rejuvenating effect due to the attenuation of the nasal and chin prominences. The advantages of porous polyethylene include biocompatibility, dimensional stability, easy adaptation and fixation, low complication rate, and its availability in different sizes and shapes. A 27-year-old woman presenting vertical deficiency associated with midface hypoplasia was treated with orthognathic surgery. Clockwise rotation and genioplasty were performed. In order to improve facial aesthetics, porous polyethylene implants were placed in the paranasal area, optimizing the facial contour with the correction of the midface projection.

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