A New Method of Fixation With the Yang's Keyhole Plate System for the Treatment of Mandible Fractures

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This study was designed to assess the clinical outcomes and surgical convenience of a newly designed Yang's Keyhole plate (YK plate) system for treatment of subcondyle and angle fractures of the mandible. To evaluate the system's clinical outcomes and surgical convenience, chart review and surgical simulation using a mandible replica model were performed.


The YK plate system, which is a slightly modified sliding plate, has 0.8-mm thick titanium and a widened hole in the anterior region to permit a screw head to be inserted. The clinical results and clinical convenience of the newly developed YK plate system and the existing 4-hole miniplate fixation technique were compared using a surgical simulation. Moreover, the clinical results of the patients who underwent mandibular surgery were compared during the follow-up examination periods (ie, weeks 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16).


No critical complications in any of the 22 patients were reported during the 4-month follow-up period. The results of the assessment of clinical convenience using the surgical simulation showed that using the YK plate system was more convenient and saved time compared to using the 4-hole miniplate.


The newly developed YK plate system can be applied to subcondyle and angle fractures of the mandible and can provide reliable and convenient application and use.

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