Spontaneous Intraventricular Pneumocephalus

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Pneumocephalus without a known underlying cause is defined as spontaneous pneumocephalus. Few patients of intraventricular pneumocephalus have been reported.

Patient Presentation:

An 84-year-old man presented with dysarthria and incontinence. Computed tomography revealed an intraventricular pneumocephalus, thinning in the petrous bone, fluid in the air cells, and cleft in temporal lobe. A right subtemporal extradural approach was taken to detect bone-/-dural defects, and a reconstruction was performed using a musculo-pericranial flap.


This is the first patient of an isolated intraventricular spontaneous pneumocephalus without any other site air involved. Surgical approaches to repair such bone and dura defects should be considered an appropriate option.

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