Postoperative Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Mandibular Contouring Surgery Using Computer-Assisted Simulation Planning and a Three-Dimensional-Printed Surgical Guide

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Mandibular contouring surgery was performed using computer-assisted simulation planning (CASP) and 3-dimensional printed surgical guide. The outcome of the surgery was evaluated by overlapping preoperative image. The patient underwent mandibular contouring surgery according to CASP for his residual facial asymmetry of the mandibular angle and mental area. The overall facial aesthetic of the patient was improved. In the overlapping image, the left mandibular border area was slightly overcorrected. However, the other portion was operated as planned. The overcorrection was due to the improper adaptation of the surgical guide adjacent to the mental foramen. In conclusion, usage of CASP and a surgical guide could reduce operation time and increase the accuracy of the operation. However, the design of the stent should be improved around the mental foramen to avoid nerve damage and improper adaptation.

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