Eagle Syndrome: An Unusual Cause Limited Mouth Opening and Surgical Management

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Eagle syndrome, defined “stylalgia,” occurs when an elongated styloid process or calcified stylohyoid ligament causes dysphagia, facial pain recurrent throat pain or foreign body sensation, also associated symptoms such as neck or throat pain with radiation to the ear. The symptoms related to this condition can be confused or misdiagnosed to a wide variety of facial neuralgias. The incidence of Eagle syndrome varies among population. Usually asymptomatic, it occurs in adult patients, and can be diagnosed by physical examination and radiologically. A 30-year-old male patient presented to the maxillofacial unit of Sulaimaniyah Teaching Hospital with a complaint of pain in the right side of face interfering with mouth opening and causing deviation to the right side of mouth for 6 months duration. The elongated styloid process of the right side was resected surgically by the intra-oral approach. The patient was asymptomatic and comfortably followed up for 5 months.

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