Transcutaneous Ultrasonography for Diagnosis of Nasolabial Cyst

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Nasolabial cyst is usually diagnosed by computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Ultrasonography could be a simple, office-based diagnostic imaging tool for nasolabial cyst. The authors report a 46-year-old woman with painful swelling on the bilateral anterior nostrils. The high-frequency (13 MHz) linear array transducer of the ultrasound (Hitachi Hivision Avius with EUP-L74M, Hitachi Aloka Medical, Tokyo, Japan) was transversely placed on the upper lip to scan the anterior nasal floor. Ultrasonography showed 2 well-defined anechoic oval cystic lesions in the anterior nasal floor, which were compatible with nasolabial cysts. Magnetic resonance imaging, which was done for her nasopharyngeal carcinoma 3 years ago, showed the same cystic lesions in the anterior nostril floor. Transcutaneous ultrasonography could be a simple, first-line imaging tool for diagnosis of nasolabial cyst in an office-based clinical setting.

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