Clinical Application of a Pedicled Forearm Flap in the Reconstruction After Oral Cancer Resection

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Objective:To investigate the clinical application of a pedicled forearm flap in the reconstruction of soft tissue defects after oral cancer resection.Methods:A retrospective analysis was performed on 31 patients with oral cancer in the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Kunming Medical University. The patients underwent repair of soft tissue defects, resulting from oral cancer resection, using a pedicled forearm flap. Patients were followed up for 3 months to 3 years to observe the survival rate of the pedicled forearm flap and the recovery of the patient's appearance and oral function.Results:The pedicled forearm flap survived in 30 patients (96.77%), and 3 patients showed flap vascular crisis (9.67%; 2 patients were successfully rescued). The articulation, chewing, and swallowing function of the patients were improved after surgery.Conclusion:The pedicled forearm flap has advantages in terms of color and texture, its moderate thickness, long vascular pedicle, good blood supply, and strong infection resistance. It has a high survival rate and is an excellent skin-muscle flap suited to the repair of soft tissue defects after oral cancer resection.

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