Extra-Oral Excision of a Buccal Fat Pad Lipoma

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Lipomas and its variants are common soft tissue tumors, and however occur infrequently in the oral and maxillofacial region. Their incidence in the oral cavity is low among all oral lesions. Oral lipoma is yellowish and soft to palpation, and histologically can be mistaken by other lipoma variants. The aim of this study is to report a case of a lipoma located at the buccal fat pad which was removed through an extra-oral access. A 43-year-old male is presenting an augmentation in the right buccal region, being a soft consistency mobile lesion with 1.5 cm of diameter, asymptomatic, and 2 years of growing. Computed tomography scan showed hypodensity compatible with adipose tissue. The lesion was removed through an extra-oral access. The lipoma described in this clinical report had an unusual location and once the lesion was very superficial an extra-oral access was the first treatment option despite the fact that was a benign tumor.

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