Breast Cancer Metastasis on the Neck Mimicking a Glomus Tumor

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Cervical metastases from breast carcinoma are extremely rare after several years of disease-free survival. In this article, a metastatic tumor of the neck originating from a breast carcinoma, which has been treated 14 years ago, is discussed. A case is presented of a 48-year-old female patient with a history of breast carcinoma, which was surgically treated approximately 14 years ago. Patient was evaluated as glomus vagale because of clinical and radiologic characteristics. The resection of the mass was performed under general anesthesia, without any complications. The diagnosis of metastatic breast carcinoma was confirmed by histopathologic evaluation. In the differential diagnosis of cervical masses, the cervical metastasis of the breast carcinoma with mimicking clinical presentations should be kept in the mind; especially patients with breast cancer history.

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