Value of Osteoblast-Derived Exosomes in Bone Diseases

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The authors’ purpose is to reveal the value of osteoblast-derived exosomes in bone diseases.


Microvesicles from supernatants of mouse Mc3t3 were isolated by ultracentrifugation and then the authors presented the protein profile by proteomics analysis.


The authors detected a total number of 1536 proteins by mass spectrometry and found 172 proteins overlap with bone database. The Ingenuity Pathway Analysis shows network of “Skeletal and Muscular System Development and Function, Developmental Disorder, Hereditary Disorder” and pathway about osteogenesis. EFNB1 and transforming growth factor beta receptor 3 in the network, LRP6, bone morphogenetic protein receptor type-1, and SMURF1 in the pathway seemed to be valuable in the exosome research of related bone disease.


The authors’ study unveiled the content of osteoblast-derived exosome and discussed valuable protein in it which might provide novel prospective in bone diseases research.

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