Endoscopic-Assisted Removal of a Rare Mucocele Complicating From Alloplastic Medial Orbital Fracture Reconstruction

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Orbital wall fracture reconstruction is usually recommended to prevent subsequent functional and esthetic complications. Mucocele development following such injuries or its management is recognized but rare sequelae. When they occur, they represent a diagnostic and management dilemma. The authors described a patient with orbital and ethmoidal mucocele. A 62-year-old female patient presented with progressive left exophthalmos 1 year following titanium mesh reconstruction of a medial orbital wall fracture. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated an encysted lesion encasing the mesh plate in the left orbit and extending into the ethmoidal sinus. The patient is treated surgically through endoscopic-assisted approach with complete removal of the lesion and lacrimal duct stenting. The patient improved immediately after surgery.

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