Endoscopic Removal of a Dental Implant From Maxillary Sinus

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The displacement of a dental implant into the maxillary sinus during surgery or after a period of use is a complication defined in the dental implant clinical practice. This complication arises primarily from inadequate bone height and peri-implant infection. Specifically, foreign objects in the maxillary sinus can cause sinusitis via impaired mucociliary flow and foreign body reactions, so they must be removed. Caldwell–Luc, transnasal, and intraoral endoscopic sinus surgeries have all been used to remove such foreign bodies and lesions from maxillary sinuses. In this article, the authors present the case of a patient whose dental implant slipped into the right maxillary sinus after a period of use and describe the endoscopic removal of said implant via an intraoral approach. The endoscopic removal of the dental implant from the maxillary sinus proved to be a safe, reliable, and minimally invasive method.

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