Sequence of Surgical Reconstruction in a Child With Cleft Lip and Palate Associated With Congenital Facial Teratomas

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We describe a case of left homolateral complete cleft lip/palate associated with a congenital left maxillary teratoma and left orbital teratoma. The patient required step-by-step reconstruction that first included resection of the 2 teratomas in consideration of cleft lip repair, cleft palate repair, and correction of the left periorbital anomalies, which were performed later. After performing all the necessary procedures, complete resection of the tumors and correction of the anomalies associated with the lip, palate, and left orbit were achieved. The rare occurrence of this type of association and its devastating effect on a patient's growth, aesthetics, and function of craniofacial elements require careful surgical planning to enable restoration of the anatomy and proper functional development. At follow-up, the patient showed significant improvement in the functional and aesthetic aspects.

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