Stereophotogrammetric Evaluation of Labial Symmetry After Surgical Treatment of a Lymphatic Malformation

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Lymphatic malformations (LMs) are rare, nonmalignant masses, frequently involving the head and neck, potentially causing impairment to the surrounding anatomical structures. Major LMs frequently cause facial disfigurement with obvious consequences on self-esteem and social functioning. The attempt to restore symmetry is thus one of the main goals of treatment. In this study, the authors present a not-invasive method to objectively quantify the symmetry of the labial area before and after surgical treatment of a LM, affecting a 16-year-old woman. This was done with sequential three-dimensional stereophotogrammetric imaging and morphometric measurements. The method showed a high reproducibility and supplied quantitative indicators of the local degree of symmetry, helping clinicians in its objective assessment, and facilitating treatment planning and evaluation. A quantitative appraisal of the results can additionally improve patient adherence to a usually multistage therapy.

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