Idiopathic Sialolithiasis: Scalpel Versus Current Trends in Management

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Idiopathic sialolithiasis is one of the most common affliction of the salivary glands with the submandibular gland most frequently involved. The article discusses the occurrence and incidence of this condition with a review of different diagnostic and treatment modalities. In light of several advances to diagnose and treat sialolithiasis, a simple sialolithotomy for idiopathic submandibular gland sialolithiasis may prove to be a preferred treatment for selected patients as it remains a cost-effective and simple out-patient department procedure with minimal/no complications and a highly satisfactory outcome. For stones slightly proximal in the Wharton duct, a “dual” approach of milking the gland to bring the stone more distally followed by a sialolithotomy with a scalpel proves to be a quick and effective procedure.

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