Simultaneous Autologus Mandible and Temporomandibular Joint Reconstruction

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Ablative surgery of mandible often necessitates combined reconstruction of the mandible and the temporomandibular joint. Fibula-free flaps with gap arthroplasty or osseochondral grafts are common procedures in the authors’ practice. In search for a better reconstructive option free fibula flap is used together with a metatarsal bone flap for the vascular reconstruction of the mandibular body and the condyle at the same time. The 2 osseous-free flaps have been fused and used as a combined flow through double-free flap. The literature has been reviewed for other reconstructive options, but no alternatives providing autologous reconstruction of both the mandible and the condyle with vascular tissue have been found. This is a preliminary report of this new technique which the authors humbly think is very promising.

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