Does a Premaxillary Setback and Lip Adhesion Have a Negative Impact on Lip Outcome in Bilateral Cleft Patients?

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Background:The early premaxillary setback and lip adhesion remains as a controversial maneuver in the treatment of bilateral cleft lip and palate patients. This study aimed to assess extent of preoperative deformity and lip outcomes during the first year after surgery in bilateral cleft patients who underwent premaxillary setback and lip adhesion and to compare to those with primary lip repair.Methods:A retrospective observational study was conducted of 16 nonsyndromic consecutive bilateral complete cleft lip patients (with and without Simonart band), who underwent primary cleft lip repair. Patients were allocated in group 1 without premaxillary setback and group 2 with premaxillary setback and lip adhesion. Preoperative and postoperative linear measurements were used for intergroup and intragroup comparisons.Results:Cutaneous lip height of patients in group 2 significantly (P < 0.05) improved after combined premaxillary setback and lip adhesion and primary cleft lip repair. There were no significant (all P > 0.05) differences in intragroup 1 comparisons, and in intergroup comparisons.Conclusion:Bilateral cleft patients with a protruded and deviated premaxilla over 10 mm discrepancy of the lateral maxillary achieved noninferior lip symmetry 1 year postoperatively compared with patients with less severe original deformity.

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