Evaluation of the Post Orthognathic Surgery Satisfaction: a Comparative Cross-Sectional Study of Patients Class II and III

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The aim of this study was to analyze the degree of postoperative satisfaction regarding facial and dental esthetics, masticatory and respiratory function, and psychosocial factors in patients with dentofacial deformity Class II compared with Class III. The patients were divided into 2 groups with 50 patients in Group 1 (Class II) and 30 patients in Group 2 (Class III). Assessing the degree of postoperative satisfaction, the authors did not observe a significant difference between the groups in terms of improvements in the aesthetic and functional aspects and the psychological impact of the treatment. It can be concluded that regardless of the type of dentofacial changes, the treatment well indicated and conducted, results in significant positive effects on patients lives, both aesthetically and in the function, and psychosocial great benefit.

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