Esophageal Stricture in a Child With Habit of Acidic Drinks

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A 12-year-old boy with Down syndrome referred to the authors’ department with dysphagia and growth retardation. Dysphagia was especially with solid foods and had a 12-month history. When he was 7, he had started to drink Coke and from that time he had a Coke drinking habit. Every day he was drinking more than 2 L Coke and was eating meals in small amounts. Investigations of the patient revealed esophageal stricture related to acidic drink habit and gastro-oesephageal reflux. The patient was treated with recurrent bouginage, antireflux medication, and nutrional support. The patient became symptom free from 13 months and gained weight. The clinicians should take the nutrition habits into consideration when evaluating the esophageal stricture patients.

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