Transnasal Endoscopic Resection of a Pleomorphic Adenoma Originate From Nasal Floor

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A 81-year-old female presented to our hospital frequent epistaxis. Nasal endoscopy showed a mass obstructing nasal cavity completely and occupying middle meatus. Magnetic resonance imaging was performed, an about 4.8 × 4 × 4.2 cm sized heterogeneous T2 high signal intensity and T1 enhancing mass mainly involving right nasal cavity with invasion of right hard palate with bony destruction. Therefore, the authors planned to do endoscopic mass excision, under general anesthesia for diagnosis and treatment. The authors removed the mass from lateral nasal wall, nasal roof, nasal septum, medial maxillary wall by piece-meal. Margins of mass were clear except the nasal floor. So, the authors did frozen biopsy to confirm the clear margin in nasal floor. Endoscopy enables better visualization of tumor margins, facilitating complete removal and avoiding excessive resection and following up using good visualization.

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