Proposal of a Budget-Friendly Camera Holder for Endoscopic Ear Surgery

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Endoscopic ear surgery (EES) is increasingly a preferred technique in otologic society. It offers excellent visualization of the anatomical structures directly and behind the corners with variable angled telescopes. It also provides reduced operative morbidity due to being able to perform surgical interventions with less invasive approaches. Operative preparation and setup time and cost of endoscopy system are less expensive compared with surgical microscopes. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of EES is that the surgery has to be performed with 1 single hand. It is certainly restrictive for an ear surgeon who has been operating with 2 hands under otologic microscopic views for years and certainly requires a learning period and perseverance. Holding the endoscope by a second surgeon is not executable because of insufficient surgical space.

Endoscope/camera holders have been developed for those who need the comfort and convenience afforded by double-handed microscopic ear surgery. An ideal endoscope holder should be easy-to-set up, easily controlled, providing a variety of angled views, allowing the surgeon to operate with 2 hands and, budget-friendly. In this article, a commercially available 11-inch magic arm camera holder is proposed by the authors to be used in EES due to its versatile, convenient, and budget-friendly features. It allows 2-handed EES through existing technology and is affordable for surgeons looking for a low-cost and practical solution.

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