Cutaneous Metastases of the Glioma

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Low grade glioma (LGG) is a very common primary brain neoplasm with a very good prognosis and the median survival of patients is approximately 8 years. With the development of current treatments such as surgery resection, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, the recurrence rate and the distant metastasis rate of LGGs are largely decreased. Extracranial metastases are seldom happened. However, the authors present a pathologically proven patient with scalp metastasis, which was metastasized from LGG occurring site to the surgical scar 8 months following initial craniotomy and chemotherapy. The histopathologic examination of the primary site and the recurrent under the scalp are exactly similar. This grade of glioma was increased along with cutaneous metastases. A discussion of a series of the extracranial metastases of the glioma, especially for the surgical considerations, is also provided advice for the cutaneous metastases of the glioma.

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