Mandibular Reconstruction by Osteogenic Distraction Due to Two Different Injuries

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Varied factors, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, may lead to a decrease in the bone volume of the jaws. Trauma and pathology can be listed as examples of such factors. The aim of this study is to present the osteogenic distraction technique as alternative to augmentation of low mandibular bone volume caused by different etiologies. The first case reports a mandibular marginal resection of ameloblastoma and the second one reports a male patient presenting mandibular fracture sequelae. Both cases were treated according to the osteogenic distraction technique. Several factors have influence on the decision of treatment management of these conditions. Although autogenous bonegraft is considered criterion standard for alveolar reconstruction, its high rates of resorption and the morbidity associated to donor sites lead surgeons to seek for other surgical alternatives such as osteogenic distraction. Therefore, it also aims to expose the advantages and benefits of this technique as well as the satisfactory results achieved.

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