Recurrent Lower Eyelid Ectropion After Graft Surgery Using Autogenous Palmaris Longus Tendon

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A 78-year-old male experienced right lower eyelid ectropion following right facial trauma from a fall 5 years ago, for which he underwent autogenous palmaris longus tendon graft surgery at another clinic. Recurrence was noted 3 years after surgery. On first examination, there was outward turning of the lateral half of the right lower eyelid margin. We performed a lateral tarsal strip procedure with removal of the graft. Intraoperatively, the lateral part of the graft was located along the inferior tarsal border, whereas the medial part was located on the tarsal surface. The lateral stump had bifurcated; 1 branch had passed through a bony hole drilled at the base of the rim; and both branches had been ligated together on the rim surface. The medial side had been fixed to the medial canthal tendon. Postoperatively, the apposition of eyelid and ocular surface was good, and the patient experienced no recurrence after 1 year.

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