A New Technique in Surgical Management of the Giant Cerebral Hydatid Cysts

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In hydatid disease, the central nervous system is affected approximately in 2% to 3% of patients. Surgical management in these patients is important. To develop a surgical technique to avoid the formation of great volume of cavity after hydatid cyst removal and prevent complications associated with brain collapse and cortical convolution.

Patients and Methods:

In 2 patients, hydatid cysts were delivered by this new technique. A balloon filled with 150 cc of sterile air/distilled water was placed in the cavity until the balloon filled the entire cavity. Air/distilled water evacuation was continued at a rate of 20 cc/d and, after a week, eventually, the balloons were removed


All cysts were delivered without rupture. Neurologic outcomes were good. No complications were observed related to usage of the system such as balloon rupture, evacuation problems, and infection.


The authors believe that the balloon insertion technique may be a useful method to prevent brain collapse, cortical convolution, and complications associated with this condition. Further technical refinements of the system are needed for better results.

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