Novel Application of Ultrasonic Bone Aspirator for Hump Nose

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Objective:This study was conducted to introduce and evaluate the efficacy of an ultrasonic bony aspirator in rhinoplasty for hump removal.Design:Retrospective study.Setting:University medical center.Patients:Twenty patients who underwent hump removal using an ultrasonic bone aspirator from October 2013 to November 2016 were enrolled in the study.Main Outcome Measures:Patients were followed for >3 months after surgery. External nose status and surgical results were investigated using photographs. Postoperative complications were evaluated.Results:Of the 30 patients enrolled in this study, 11 were females and 19 were males. Preoperative nasal deformities of all patients were characterized as bony humps. Postoperative dorsal status was significantly improved. There were no obvious complications such as over or under correction, delayed healing, infection, soft tissue injury, or deformity of the nasal dorsum.Conclusion:Application of an ultrasonic bone aspirator to remove humps in rhinoplasty is easy, safe, and effective.

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