Autologous Fat Used for Facial Filling Can Lead to Massive Cerebral Infarction Through Middle Cerebral Artery or Facial Intracranial Branches

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Background:Autologous fat injection is a procedure aimed at eliminating grave defects in the skin surface by subcutaneous injection of the patient's fatty tissue. Fat embolism is a rare but severe complication of this procedure, especially cerebral infarction. It is first reported by Thaunat in 2004.Methods:were presented to the hospital with sudden unconsciousness and left limb weakness in 24 hours after facial fat injection. Brain computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging were performed immediately after admission. Frontal temporoparietal decompressive craniectomy plus multiple treatments scheduled for patients. Pictures and videos were taken during follow-up. Figures are edited with Adobe Photograph CS6.Results:Patients were diagnosed with extensive cerebral infarction of the right hemisphere through the middle cerebral artery or facial-intracranial branches.Conclusion:Routine cosmetic procedures of facial fat injections could cause devastating and even fatal complications to patients. The small volume of fat grafts can be inserted through the internal carotid artery or go through the communicating branches between the facial artery and the intracranial artery into the brain.

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