Correcting the Cleft Lip Nose Deformity: The Graft Number 1 for the Columella

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Background:The nose deformity associated with cleft lip is difficult to solve in the primary and secondary surgery. In an adult patient, many techniques are used including mobilization, suspension, fixation and trimming the alar cartilages, septoplasty, nasal bones osteotomies, and dorsal bone and cartilage resection. Different types of cartilage grafts are commonly used.Methods:A septal cartilage graft was used in 75 adult patients with mild to severe cleft lip deformities. Based on the golden ratio proportions of the columella that can be observed in the lateral view, a septal cartilage graft with a number 1 shape was created and inserted between the medial cruras in 75 patients, with unilateral or bilateral cleft lip, between 2007 and 2014. Complementary surgery was done in the nose of all the patients. A retrospective, observational, and descriptive study was made with presurgical and postsurgical photographs, throughout a 6-month follow-up period.Results:Excellent cosmetic and functional results were seen, especially in the lateral view. There was 1 septal perforation reported. The patients were satisfied with the aesthetic results.Conclusion:The graft number 1 works in the reality; it has proven to be a stable support to the affected cartilage, projects a nice nasal tip, and is a lasting solution for adults.

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