Treatment of Facial Infantile Hemangioma: Comparative Study Between Propranolol and Ethanolamine Oleate

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Background:Infantile hemangiomas (IH) are the most common benign vascular tumors in childhood. Approximately 10% to 15% of these tumors require drug or surgical intervention. There are many options for IH treatment, of which propranolol is currently considered the gold standard. This study aims to compare the therapeutic results of 2 distinct drugs (ethanolamine oleate and propranolol), in order to increase the available therapeutic arsenal for the treatment of IH, thereby benefiting a larger group of patients.Methods:A retrospective observational study was conducted to assess 16 patients with facial IH, allocated into 2 groups (n = 8). All patients met the same inclusion and exclusion criteria. The resulting evolution assessment was based on photographic documentation produced in a professional setting, and was performed before, during, and after treatment. Two measurement scales, photographic-based assessment of infantile hemangioma characteristics, and outcomes were used for comparison between the 2 therapeutic methods.Results:Both assessment methods did not present any significant statistical difference (P > 0.05) at 1 year of follow-up.Conclusion:Both therapeutic modalities are able to offer the patient similar and satisfactory final esthetic results.

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