Multidisciplinary Diagnostic and Surgical Management of Adenocarcinoma Gingival Metastases

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Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide and colon cancer metastases in rare sites, such as the oral cavity, lead to a worse prognosis. Oral metastasis is a rare clinical condition and it represents only the 1% among all oral cavity neoplasms. A multidisciplinary approach is recommended to carry out a correct diagnostic procedure that allows distinguishing between metastatic and primitive lesions of the oral cavity. Quick diagnosis and management are fundamental to take an appropriate action as early as possible, as usually the prognosis in patients with oral metastases of colon carcinoma is poor. Aim of this brief clinical report is to underline how the quick diagnosis and management of gingival lesions can be crucial for the correct management of those uncommon oral diseases and for having a better prognosis of the primary cancer.

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