The Arterialized Facial Artery Musculo-Mucosal Island Flap for Post-Oncological Tongue Reconstruction

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Background:In 1992, Pribaz described the facial artery musculomucosal flap (FAMM), an axial musculomucosal flap based on the facial artery. The FAMM flap, a modification of the nasolabial and buccal mucosal flaps, is widely used in the reconstruction of defects in the oral cavity. Many modifications of this flap have been described in the literature. Here we aimed to explore the use of an arterialized tunnelized FAMM island flap (a-FAMMIF) for the reconstruction tongue defects after tumor resection.Method:From January 2015 to December 2016, five cases of tongue cancer were selected for the use of arterialized FAMMIF flap to reconstruct defects after tumor resection.Results:Reconstruction was successful in all cases, except one case of total flap necrosis; partial necrosis of the flap occurred in two patients, which were solved with medications.Conclusion:The authors consider the a-FAMMIF an unreliable flap in the reconstruction of tongue defects.The authors recommend avoiding tunneling and island modification when the vein is not included in the pedicle.

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