Reconstruction of Major Dehiscence After Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair

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Repair of complete bilateral cleft lip with protruding premaxilla is challenging, and postoperative dehiscence was common. Re-repair is usually suggested for the dehisced lip, but other methods might be needed in unique situations. Evaluation was performed to check the presence of prolabial skin, wound scarring, and the position of premaxilla. Reconstruction plan was made to restore the anatomical components as possible and to repair under minimal tension. Two patients with major dehiscence were reported. In the first case, separation from the columella base and tissue destruction in central lip were noted. Repeated complete dehiscence on one side was reported in the second case before he was referred to our center. The premaxilla was protruding in both cases. Abbe flap was performed as delayed procedure in the first case. Reposition of the premaxilla in conjunction with lip repair was required in the second case. In both cases, adequate muscle approximation plus subcutaneous retention sutures were used to cope with the tension, and satisfactory healing was achieved. It is concluded that additional methods could be required for the reconstruction of major dehiscence after bilateral cleft lip repair. Careful planning and surgical execution ensured successful outcome.

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