The Double Thread Buried Nonincisional Blepharoplasty Technique

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The nonincisional blepharoplasty technique is widely practiced because it is relatively simple, causes less scarring than the incisional technique, provides a quick recovery, and allows easy correction. Although various modified nonincisional techniques have been used to create a more natural appearance, complications such as loosening of the double fold and regression of the double fold line may still occur. So the authors introduce the double thread buried nonincisional blepharoplasty technique to reduce such complications. This study included 300 patients who underwent upper eyelid blepharoplasty between January 2016 and June 2017. Most patients displayed satisfactory aesthetic results, and no significant complications occurred, such as loosening of the double fold. There was no obvious regression of the double fold; however, of the patients who underwent surgery early, 1 patient required reoperation to correct loosening of the fold on one side during the follow-up period. One patient presented with a subcutaneous suture knot, and the knot was removed in the clinic. The double thread buried nonincisional blepharoplasty technique is a simple and less time-consuming method for a durable double fold and provides satisfactory aesthetic results.

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