Split-Skin-Graft Wrapped Conformer to Treat Severe Contracted Sockets

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This case series present the surgical management of cases with severe contracted sockets using a split-skin-graft wrapped conformer. Eight patients with severely contracted anophthalmic sockets underwent surgery. The surgical technique is described and a chart review was performed to collect patient data pre- and postoperatively. Preoperatively, all patients had grade 3 or 4 contracted sockets with shallow or obliterated fornices and patients were unable to retain an external prosthesis in place. Donor material was harvested from the supraclavicular area. The split-skin-graft was successfully performed in all cases without fornix-deepening sutures. All patients underwent a significant improvement of socket contracture enabling retention of the prosthesis and were satisfied with the outcomes. The split-skin-graft wrapped conformer is a rapid and less surgically challenging option to correct severe contracted anophthalmic sockets.

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