Novel Application of Platelet-Rich Fibrin as a Wound Healing Enhancement in Extraction Sockets of Patients Who Smoke

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The objectives of this study were to assess the potential of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) on acceleration of soft tissue healing after tooth extraction and to evaluate its effectiveness in reducing the prevalence of dry socket among smoker patients. Twenty smoker male patients aged (18–72) years with multiple teeth extraction were participated in this clinical research. They underwent trans-alveolar extraction of 40 teeth. The extraction sockets were divided in each patient into 2 groups: the study group in which extraction sockets were treated with PRF and the control group: in which extraction sockets left to heal naturally without PRF. Platelet-rich fibrin enhanced soft tissue healing and reduced inflammatory process within the study group compared with control group as the 2-tailed P value equaled 0.0035 which was very statistically significant. Pain level according to visual analog scale in control group had average of (1.8), while in the study group had average of (0.65) and the P value equaled 0.1511 which was not statistically significant. Degree of epithelization was recorded by dental caliper for both groups and the 2-tailed P value equaled 0.7134 which was insignificant. The results from this study showed that PRF enhanced the quality of soft tissue healing of extraction socket among smoker patients but it did not show significant difference regarding pain reduction, dry socket prevention, and socket closure. Future clinical trials are required to clearly identify the effectiveness of PRF regarding this subject.

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