Defining Quality of Rheumatolgic Care: Argentina

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Health care system in Argentina is highly fragmented and disconnected. Argentina’s health system is divided into 3 major nonintegrated subsystems as follows: public subsystem, financed through taxes; the social security subsystem, financed through obligatory insurance schemes; and the private subsystem, financed through voluntary insurance. There are approximately 800 rheumatologists in Argentina, serving a population of approximately 40 million people, representing approximately 1.8 rheumatologists per 100.000 inhabitants; however, most of them are concentrated in large cities, and patients need to travel several hours to reach a specialist. Although the health care system in Argentina is highly fragmented and disconnected, health coverage is universal, accessible, and of good quality. Quality or value assessment of care and use of electronic medical records are not part of the system in Argentina, and there does not appear they would be in the near future.

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