Sebaceous neoplasm with reticulated and cribriform features: a rare variant of sebaceoma

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Troy and Ackerman defined the term sebaceoma (Am J Dermatopathol 1984: 6: 7-13) as benign neoplasm of basaloid cells with varying numbers of mature sebocytes. Steffen and Ackerman (Neoplasms with sebaceous differentiation. Philadelphia: Lee and Febiger, 1994: 401-425) illustrated many examples of sebaceoma, two of which had a reticulated and cribriform pattern. We report a case of sebaceoma from the scalp of a 52-year-old white female. Histologically, it displayed reticulated and cribriform basaloid epithelial islands. This is the third reported case of sebaceoma, to our knowledge, with these unusual features.

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