'Tubular' epithelioid cell nevus: a new variant of Spitz's nevus

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The term Spitz's nevus refers to a large spectrum of nevi composed of spindle and/or epithelioid cells. We report on a hitherto undescribed tubular variant of a dermal epithelioid nevus, characterized by aggregates composed exclusively of cuboidal cells with the prominent feature of tubular or microcystic structures. Immunohistochemically, the epithelioid cells expressed melanocytic markers (S-100, NKI/C3) lacking markers for cytokeratin or carcinoembryonic antigen. The three-dimensional analysis of the lesions by confocal laser scanning microscopy revealed the structural configuration of tubular or microcystic empty spaces bordered by cuboidal nevus cells. This rare variant of epithelioid nevus is another example for the remarkable diversity of Spitz's nevi.

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