Rosetoid schwannoma (neuroblastoma-like) in association with an anetoderma

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We report an additional case of an extremely uncommon but distinctive histological variant of benign schwannoma, which was previously designated as neuroblastoma-like schwannoma by Goldblum et al.


A 29-year-old woman referred to a 6-year-history of an atrofic macule. Its clinical appearance was similar to that of an anetoderma.


A cutaneous biopsy showed findings consistent with a neuroblastoma-like schwannoma with the following peculiar features: (i) Being fully composed of rosette-like structures. (ii) Association to an anetoderma.


Because neither the histological pattern nor the type of tumor allows a differential diagnosis with neuroblastoma, we propose the descriptive term of rosetoid schwannoma. And to our knowledge, this will be the first case reported of rosetoid schwannoma associated to anetoderma.

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