Atypical cutaneous γδ T cell proliferation with morphologic features of lymphoma but with clinical features and course of PLEVA or lymphomatoid papulosis

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Reactive lymphoid infiltrates of the skin composed predominantly of gamma-delta (γδ) T cells are not well described in the literature. Herein we report a case of an otherwise healthy 4-year-old male who presented with a waxing and waning papular rash characterized by small, discrete crusted papules spread across his trunk, face and extremities. Clinical evaluation revealed no evidence of systemic disease. Microscopic examination revealed a dermal, perivascular infiltrate of highly atypical lymphocytes with a γδ T cell phenotype, worrisome for primary cutaneous γδ T cell lymphoma. The clinical course, however, was that of a reactive condition and prompted consideration of a diagnosis of pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta (PLEVA) and lymphomatoid papulosis (LyP). In many ways, this case defies current classification schemes and seems to expand the spectrum of reactive γδ T cell infiltrates of the skin.

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