Late onset of a facial variant of steatocystoma multiplex -Calretinin as a specific marker of the follicular companion cell layerM

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Steatocystoma multiplex is a rare, almost exclusively autosomal dominant disease of the sebaceous glands. The sites of predilection are the sternal region, upper back, axillae and proximal parts of the extremities. A 78-year-old woman developed multiple yellowish nodules only on the face over a few months. Histology revealed large cysts with a thin wall and connection to sebaceous glands. Immunohistochemical analysis showed the inner epithelial layer of the cysts was positive with calretinin. With curettage and CO2 laser therapy, a good cosmetic result was achieved. This is the first case report in the German literature of a rare sporadic form of steatocystoma multiplex with late onset and exclusive localization in the face.

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