Prevalence and treatment profile of patients with grass pollen and house dust mite allergy

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In Europe, grass pollen and house dust mites are the most common allergens responsible for IgE-mediated allergies. The aim of our study was to examine the data provided by various medical practices specialized in allergic diseases in Germany regarding patients with rhinoconjunctivitis in terms of demographic data and the prescribed treatment by different medical specialists.

Patients and methods:

Data from patients who were diagnosed with allergic rhinoconjunctivitis were taken from the “disease-analyzer” database (IMS Health GmbH) and analyzed. The data assessment was anonymous in accordance with the guidelines for data protection. The information collected included specific data about diagnosis and treatment in private practices in Germany.


The majority of patients with grass pollen allergy were treated by their general practitioners, while those with house dust mite allergy were treated by a specialist with a background in allergic diseases (pulmonologists, otorhinolaryngologists, and dermatologists). Treatment was primarily symptomatic, usually consisting of antihistamines. Allergen-specific immunotherapy, the only causal treatment for IgE-mediated allergies at present, was performed rarely.


The data suggest the need for an interaction and knowledge transfer between various specialists in order to improve patient-centered care in regard to allergic diseases.

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